It has been associate prestigious text in considering cities and town life across variety of disciplines,including human earth science,sociology,architecture,planning and concrete style.
Responding to the pressures of current theoretical trends toward models of cultural globalization, the essays collected here bring a historical focus to literary studies. They recommend that solely by exploring the particularities of regional historical cultures will the multiple meanings of yankee identities be understood. For four decades, concepts suggests by this seminal work have continuing to tell discussion and spark several debates,from the conception of placelessness itself through however it plays out in our societies to however town designers may answer its challenge in apply.
Viewed together, these essays reveal a cultural richness that is sure to interest literary scholars and Latin Americanists alike.It transformed how place as a subject is researched and understood. There are now broader recognitions of the complexities of place and placelessness as theoretical concepts and their importance to livability and quality of life. If a place is equally accessible to everyone, irrespective of their physical abilities, age, gender, ethnicity, income level, and social status ,it can be called public place.Public spaces should be designed and developed as places that embody the priciples of equality, by being accessible places made through inclusive and democratic processes.

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