The town of Harsil is positioned in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. This city is a very picturesque site that is well-known among traveler from all over the nation, and it is to be found in an area that is packed with traveler hotspots. In the middle of all this, Harsil is really a very tranquil little village that is the ideal place for you to get pleasure from your stress free holiday in calm.

The scenery in Harsil is spread with lots of small temples that you can visit throughout your journey to the destination. You can also notice some extremely dense deodar forests in Harsil and you can travel around through the similar, thus taking in some high-quality mountain air and catching glimpses of attractive mountain landscape. The town of Harsil is positioned at an altitude of around 2620 meters from Harsil.

Harsil is too an incredibly best destination where you can indulge in daring activities like trekking, and adventure buffs and those with a liking for experiencing a few adrenaline lined moments can stay this destination. The Bhagirathi River serves as a perfect companion for this heavy-eyed town, and you can also visit the close by area of Gangotri during your journey to Harsil. The Gangotri temple in this region is measured extremely holy by Hindus. Sattal, which has 7 lakes, is also to be found near Harsil.


Harsil is a pure and unseen jewel of Uttarakhand state contribution plenty range for people seeking calm and tranquility in the circuit of Himalayas. Harsil has turned into well-liked in current years with voyage fans and nature lovers. 

A place to visit in Harsil is Dharali is a beautiful village placed at a distance of 3kms from Harsil. And another is Sat Tal; it can be achieved by a 3km easy trek from Dharali. And it is an unexplained combination of 7 natural lakes. Vishwanath Temple is most important temple of Guptkashi is dedicated to Lord Shiva as Vishwanath – “Lord of the Universe”. An extra place to visit is Mukhwas village is to be found only 1km from Harsil. Mukhwas is the home of Goddess Gangotri throughout winters because Gangotri area is horizontal to heavy snowfall throughout winters. Devotees worship at Mukhwa village throughout winters when the doors of the Gangotri temple remains closed.


Harsil weather remains enjoyable and clear throughout the summers. Carry light woolens with you. The utmost temperature goes up to 22 degrees Celsius and the least to 9 degrees Celcius. These months are fine for trekking and outside activities. Harsil get heavy rainfall throughout July and August. It is best not to plan a journey throughout this era. September receives the post monsoon showers. The weather is enjoyable and warm throughout the day. October marks the beginning of the winter season. The weather in October remains enjoyable with a slight fall in the temperature by the end of the month. It is appropriate for outdoor activities. Throughout the following months, the temperature drops considerably. Harsil gets snowfall throughout the winters, and the temperature touches 0 and from time to time even negative. Do carry heavy woolens with you if you are planning to visit Harsil throughout the winters. Trekking tour will turn hard and quite out-of-the-way.


Harsil is the most important town ahead of Gangotri Dham Yatra. There are lots of choices for accommodation in Harsil. A lot of pilgrims favor staying in Harsil at the time you visiting Gangotri Temple. Take pleasure in the benefits of basic accommodation in Harsil with a blend of attraction and enjoyment, you can like better to stay at any of the Harsil hotels. They are most perfectly right for tourists who desire to have a at ease stay along with warm hospitality without expenditure heavy sums of cash. You can also find Guest houses, Dharamshalas and Ashrams on Harsil main road. Most of the hotels are sited within easy reach to the main city middle and are simply accessible.

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