Guptkashi is to be found at distance of 47 kms from the holy temple of Lord Shiva, Kedarnath at a height of 1,319 m above the sea point. This destination is well-known for Vishwanath Temple and Ardhnareshwar Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva. As well, a divinity of Lord Shiva along with the icon of half man and half women shaping Lord Shiva and her consort Parvati are fixed in the temple. Tourist can see here Manikarnik Kund, which is said to be a joining of two streams, Ganga and Yamuna.

This little and attractive pilgrimage town is positioned on the max out facing Ukhimath town. This shrine is bounded with oak and coniferous forests, astonishing scenery and also gives unbelievable vision snowy mountain peaks of Chowkhamba, Beethartoli, Mana Parbat, Nanda Devi, Koment and Neel Kanth.

Guptkashi History : The mean of Guptkashi is ‘Hidden Kashi’ and the place’s famous history is associated with the hero’s of Mahabharata. It is thought that after the battle of Mahabharata, the Pandavas be contrite the killings of their own cousins Kauravas and entrance this destination to take remission from Lord Shiva. When Pandavas indoors at Lord Shiva; Shiva hid himself here for a time in order to shun them. Hence the spot named as Guptkashi.


Tourist places close by Guptkashi that you can notice while your break at this place.

The leading temple of Guptkashi is devoted to Lord Shiva as Vishwanath which is measured as the Lord of the creation. It is build by local stones and is placed in an enclosed courtyard. The little shrine to its left is Ardhanarishvara. And another place to visit is Manikarnik Kund, which is positioned in the sites of Vishwanath Temple, has main spiritual meaning among the locals. Other pace to visit is Ardhnareshwar; the temple of Ardhnareshwar is devoted to Lord Shiva. Here you can notice the deity of Lord Shiva along with the statue of half male and half female forming Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati in the temple. It is one of the most considerable holy temples of Guptkashi.


Guptkashi experiences modest rainfalls in the months of July and September. December marks the start of the winter season in Guptkashi and it lasts till the month of February. Winters are very cool here with the temperature diving down to a chilling 0°C – 20 °C. The most excellent season to visit Guptkashi is the winters and the onset of summers. The favorable months to visit the place are between Octobers to March. The climate remains enjoyable throughout these months offering tourists the best holiday experience. Summers are fairly hot in Guptkashi and normally last between the months of April to June. The temperature ranges between at ease 15°C – 30°C in these months.


Because of the well-known pilgrimage and trekking destination Guptkashi has been again and again visited by numbers of devotees and nature lovers right through the year. If you are also preparation a visit to this place then do not be anxious about your stay in Guptkashi as here you can all types of hotels including economy hotels, luxury hotels, budget hotels and Hotels and guest houses here are managed capably and highly focused on cleanliness, hygienic environment and quality of service so you can enjoy your holiday without any hitch.

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