Barkot is a attractive town and nagar panchayat in Uttarkashi District in the Northern state of Uttarakhand. Barkot is one of the most attention-grabbing traveler destinations in the holy state. Barkot is known for its tranquility, phenomenal natural attractiveness and of course spiritual value. Staying in Barkot is really an amazing experience. In spite of its comfort and loneliness, it is bestowed with high-end hotels and accommodation. And that’s why a good number of people across the country and world visit this attention-grabbing place.

The hotels in Barkot are very fine. They are facilitated with current services and facilities. Since it’s a main destination in ChardhamBarkot experiences an important value of footfall. Weather is forever cool here. You will receive outstanding services and you will not have to rush for placing orders for anything. Even if you reach not on time, you can effortlessly find place to stay. Food is a main aspect for any place to stay. Food available in Barkot is very delicious. Hygiene and quality are especially taken care of. The stewards and attendants confirm you feel home.

Barkot is situated approximately 49 kilometers from the holy Yamunotri Dham. Yearly, a large number of devotees visit the town and spectator its natural loveliness. The Yamuna river and apple orchards are some eye-catching features of this town which will make you fall in love with this place. This destination is also measured as an ideal adventure destination where one can trail trekking tour.


There are lots of places to visit in Barkot just because of its nature beauty. In Yamunotri here are many natural thermal springs. In which Surya Kund is most famous. The water of surya Kund is use to make parsad. Hanuman Chatti is a first point of 2 famous destinations, Yamunotri and Dodi Tal. Yamunotri is 13 km far from Hanuman Chatti you can go by foot. Janki Chatti is 6 km Far from Hanuman Chatti. Yamnotri is one of the chardham in Uttarakhand. Yamnotri temple is devoted to Goddess Yamuna and Yamuna is the source of river Yamuna. The small town of Yamunotri is famous for being the spot where the river Yamuna emerges. This place sees travelers from all over the world visiting the Yamunotri Shrine and the actual place where the river emerges in large numbers every year.


Barkot is easy to get to traveler for most time of the year. Summer is the time to visit Barkot. May is the warmest month with an average temperature of 29.7 degree c at noon. Monsoon is not the time to visit Barkot just because of rainfall .So that you should drop that time. In winter time you can spend a fulfilling holiday in Barkot is during the winter time. At that time you can enjoy lots of activities in Barkot.


Barkot is positioned at an elevation of 1,220mts above sea level and along the bank of the Yamuna, on the way to Yamunotri. Just like all trekking spots there are many hotels in Barkot. And also the different hotels that are available in places located close by. This city offers all sorts of necessary services like banking, medical, shops and hotels without any hassle. There are many hotels and guest houses sprawled in the area offering all sorts of comforts and warm hospitality. You can also find Ashrams and Dharamshalas on the Barkot highway for your convenience. From inexpensive hotels to exotic resorts, accommodations here are perfectly suitable for your budget and holiday mood alike. Hotels and guest houses here are managed proficiently and highly focused on hygiene, hygienic surroundings and quality of service so you can enjoy your vacation without any hitch. We have extensive lists of budget and luxurious hotels in Barkot which you can book here at exclusive discount rates.

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