Hold close in the snow capped mountain, this Uttarakhand hill station has an attractive call for skiers all across the world. Perfect natural view of the mountains and the neighboring greenery form a fantasy paradise. What speaks more about Auli is the number of tourists that flock to this place with undying interest.

The magnificent 9000 ft incline ahead of the sea level surrounded with oak and deodar trees reduce the rate of the breeze which help the skiers to get pleasure from their ride smoothly. The right time to visit Auli is at some stage in the November. The chilly coldness of the time escorted with snow a ski can be most excellent enjoyed than any other month of the year. A particular training is carried out by the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam for both amateurs and specialists. The history of this place is older and beautiful.

There are bounty of places of tourist importance that contain Nandaprayag, Joshimath, Parasailing and Rudraprayag. Joshimath, or the adobe of the Jyotirlingas of Shiva, is a famous pilgrim midpoint in Auli. The well-liked conviction is that the memorable theorist of the Hindu creed, Sri Shankaracharya, discovered this place. Nandaprayag is a holy place at the meeting of 2 divine rivers. It also serves as the beautiful entry to the greatly valued pilgrim centers like Badrinath and Kedarnath. Hotels are of both premium and reasonable class and cover all the facilities and luxuries a traveler can expect. The weather is soothing throughout summer and hovers around 15 degree centigrade. Monsoon showers decrease the humidity and winters are freezing with temperature almost dropping into minus 8 degree centigrade.

It is understood that the great Guru Adi Shankaracharya strolled on these green territory in the 8th century AD. The shrine of Joshimath even now remains as a symbol of Guru. Much more is said about Auli, a lot say prior to rising into a ski hub, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force was skilled on its slants. The transportation to reach Auli is well accessible. The next-door Airport Dehradun is 298 kms away and Rishikesh, the adjacent railway station is 235 kms away.


A well-liked destination amidst adventure fans, Auli is where they gather to experience that adrenaline rush by opting for thrill of skiing. Located 16 kms from Joshimath, it is the ultimate winter resort where snow-covered pitch ranges from an altitude of 2519 m to 3049 m. The region is blessed with stretches of 10- 20 km of snow-covered hills ideal for skiing. The forests on the slopes helps reduce wind velocity thereby making ideal conditions for skiing. Nestled in Garhwal Himalayas, Auli is embellished with snow-clad peaks ideal for skiing sport and often hosts the National Winter Games. It may appear as a fun sport, but is not one to be taken lightly; it requires hours of disciplined training and months of practice before one can actually enact death-defying stunts on thin ice. Run by Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam a program is organized to offer a fortnight-long skiing course for amateur skiers. At minimal charges one can undergo another week-long course of skiing. Proper arrangements for safety and quality equipments are availed to the visitors further making your Auli tours a fun-filled memory.


Other than these snowy skiing slopes are not all about Auli for the area has many more pinnacles. The hill draped in white snowy blanket has plentiful patches of oak forests and the view is worth being glanced at for hours at a stretch. The upper slopes of Auli host the longest ropeway in Asia which has ten towers of self-supporting structures. Auli is occupied with artificial lakes and temples to add more to the picturesque loveliness. There are several places like Gusro Bugyal, Chattrakund, Saildhar Tapovan, Kwani Bugyal and Chenab Lake. These places fall within the surrounding area of Auli.

Gusro Bugyal, approximately 3 kilometers from Auli, is a huge pasture that is placed in a assorted woodland of conifer and oak. It is to be found at an elevation of 3056 meters more than sea plane. An individual can get to Joshimath by the use of the ropeway from Auli. From this point, it is around 1.5 kms away. Yet, in sight of the fact that there is no lodging accessible here, as an individual one can merely have a high regard for the magnetism of the place and come back at nighttime. So it is more or less a whole day’s trip. Distance 1 km from Gurso Bugyal, in the heart of the forest is a minute pond called Chattrakund that is recognized for its sweet water. This spot can be vacationed at the similar time when visitors halt at Gurso Bugyal. Kwanri is identified for its trekking experience that is approximately 12 kilometers from Gurso Bugyal. Positioned at 3350 mts above sea-level, Kwanri Bugyal is one more pick. Valley of Flowers as explored by an English trekker back in 1931. The mountain enclosed greenery with more than 500 species of flowers this is regarded as Indi’s one of the most protected areas and one of the well-known points in Auli. It has also been declared as the National park in the year 1982 and covers almost 87.50 sq km area.


Weather in Auli is totally freezing in its peak season is January, moderately cold in most of the year and pleasant throughout June and July. It is best suggested for the tourists to journey between the months of January and March. The highest temperature recorded during January is -4 degree Celsius. It’s absolutely chilly and freezing. The temperature rises a bit in the February and touches the zero degree mark; subsequently the rise is well apparent for the highest temperature mounts to 14. Though it is not chilly enough, but extremely cold considering the lowest temperature of the place. The winter season is measured up to February and the great climb in the temperature in the following months is a lead up to summer. Here the average temperature hovers around 15 degree Celsius. June and July which fall under the summer are enjoyable and highest temperature moves up to 20 in June and 8 in July. June and July are for those who want picturesque nature at its mild form. It is a minor season for tourism. In October the temperature steeps down to 5 degree Celsius basically at night, though the temperature throughout daytime is 14. The chilly overture to winter can be felt as it slowly moves towards November. The lowest mark drops a single degree to 4, where the uppermost temperature remains almost the similar. December prepares for the next year’s tourists’ arrival when the weather in Auli tends to dip further and touches the freezing point accompanied with occasional snowfalls.


There is no lack in accommodation in Auli as the tourism department is able to attract tourists in accessory with first way hotels and resorts to reside and like nature to its fullest. Accommodation in Auli is not that always luxurious like hotels like Clifftop Club and GMVN Skiing and Tourist Resort. Keeping in mind the influx of middle budget people in recent years alternative budget hotels have been set up to cater the travelers with a very limited budget. Though the plentiful facilities will be cut off allowing for the lower charge, the service is up to the mark. Trained and experienced professionals are employed to make sure a far better service. The middle budget accommodations are moderate and the requests of the guests are attended with utmost care.

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